The Law Firm of Kurt N. Strauss & Associates protects the legal interests of the Southern California real estate community.

Why King?

King isn’t just another eviction service. King is different because we believe accuracy, speed, and communication should be more than hollow catch phrases.

King adds value. Once you’re a King client,* we’re here to answer your case related legal questions free of charge—something most evictions services can’t and won’t do.

Not all eviction firms are created equal. King believes if you don’t win, we don’t win. Many firms knowingly file “losing” cases just to make a quick buck.* We don’t do business that way. We tell you up front where you stand. After all, didn’t you hire us to protect you?

It’s time you call King and discover the difference.

King Eviction is powered by the landlord tenant law firm of
Kurt N. Strauss & Associates.

*King Client: The Law Firm of Kurt N. Strauss & Associates owns For any business transactions we always use the firm’s legal business name, “Kurt N. Strauss & Associates” (e.g., payments, correspondence, and Court documents).

*Law firms—including ours—do not guarantee case outcomes. Any legal action comes with certain risks.