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How To Avoid Getting Burned

Getting your tenant out in the most expeditious and cost efficient manner requires a reputable eviction firm. How would it make you feel if saving $50 dollars on your eviction fee ends up costing you thousands in lost rent because you hired the wrong company? Do your research.

Ask the following questions to help protect yourself:

1. Are you an actual law firm or an “eviction helper?”

This is important because eviction helpers are not qualified to offer legal advice or represent you in court. A good way to tell is where a website contains no names of actual people or employees–they’re hiding for a reason. You can always check the California State Bar’s website and research a person to see if they are a member of the state bar in good standing.

2. Why can’t I find the owners’ names on some eviction websites?

Some eviction companies don’t want you to know who they are. Why?

3. What does it cost if my case gets contested?

When your tenant answers the complaint, you’ll probably need representation in court. This costs extra. Many firms, however, offer dirt cheap introductory fees just to file your case, knowing they can deliver a hefty bill down the road with hidden fees, even if your tenant doesn’t contest the case. We don’t believe this bait and switch tactic is a good way of doing business. Instead, we provide our clients with a clear pricing menu to take the fear out the eviction process.